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Enjoy your holistic and healthy way of life with go4health! Our experts have developed a strongly effective prevention program, designed to focus on your individual needs and demands. Wherever you are, access your personal custom-made health program without any time constraints.

The go4health App

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The go4health app is your personal coach on your way to a better and healthier way of life! We accompany you with offers and recommendations through the day based on our triad of movement, nutrition and mental health.


Track your training with the go4health app & keep your performance in view at all times!!


Start your individual training units and work out anywhere, anytime!


Get inspired by nutrition recommendations and recipes from our certified experts.

Mental Power

Let the go4health app be your companion for relaxation and peace of mind on the go!

Your 3 Coaches

You want to live happy & well holistically? Movement, healthy nutrition and mental health are part of it! The go4health app provides you with everything you need, having 3 coaches in your hand at any time!

About go4health

Behind go4health there is a team of highly motivated and creative heads, each of them being an expert in one’s own field. These individual characters share the same motivation, to live a sustainably healthier life!

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