3 Coaches

With the go4health app your day becomes a healthy one. You’re not only getting one, but rather 3 digital personal coaches for your well-being at hand. We support you in the fields of movement, nutrition and mental health.

May we present your 3 personal digital coaches:


Who doesn’t move falls behind

Besides power, dexterity and endurance, movement additionally benefits your general well-being and is also fun. Your metabolism and happiness hormones get stimulated, personal stress diminishes, and you tune out easier … read more


Energy, pleasure and well-being

Only by supporting your body with sustainable energy you will get the maximum out of it. Healthy nutrition and fitting drinks are crucial components for your personal well-being … read more

Mental Health

A strong spirit in a healthy body

Mental health completes your overall well-being. Being mentally healthy results in a clear head, allowing you to focus on your own needs and positive thoughts after a stressful day … read more

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