Mental Power

With peace of mind, focus and relaxation through the day

Your mailbox is overflowing, you are feeling pressure, and you want to clear your head? Find peace of mind, relaxation, new energy and mental power with our awareness and mental exercises, which also guarantee to better fall asleep. Our mental exercises can be retrieved in the app whenever and wherever you need them. Relaxation on-demand!

Awareness Exercises, Meditation & Breathing Exercises

Relieve pressure, relax and get your new energy & focus right away. Whenever YOU want! With our audio-supported exercises, a guided meditation, awareness or breathing exercises of your choice. Leave your stressful day behind and get ready for a restful sleep. Treat yourself with our mental exercises for in between.

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InApp Relaxation Blog

Sharpen your awareness and mental power of resistance with our anti-stress tips and mental stimuli in our InApp relaxation blog. New ideas for immediate relief and tuning out will be provided weekly. Only mental fitness is going to assure that you will be able to perform on a high level daily.

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