Mental Health

Get through the day with ease, focus and relaxation

Your mailbox is overflowing, you are constantly under pressure and all you want and need is a clear head?  Find your ease of mind, better focus, energy and mental strength with go4health exercises for mindfulness and mental trainings for relaxation. Those will also help you sleep better. Your smartphone is all you need for a short mental journey. Relaxation at your fingertips!


Release pressure, relax and get more energy and focus instantly. Our audio-based trainings, guided meditations, mindfulness- and breathing exercises help you get there. We offer 8 different audioguides per mental objective: Less Stress, better focus, physical relaxation and fresh energy. You can choose from 32 different exercises in total for your personal mental break.

Leave stresses and strains of daily life behind you and indulge yourself in a well-deserved break with our go4health mental exercises.

InApp Relaxation Blog

Enhance your mindfulness and mental strength with helpful tips for stress management and mental impulses on our InApp relaxation blog. Get new inspiration for unwinding and releasing stress every week. Only the mentally fit and resilient will be able to do well physically on a daily basis.

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