Movement, power and endurance

You want to increase your fitness without a gym? No problem – the go4health app will be your digital personal trainer! go4health provides you with individual training videos on your smartphone anytime at your convenience, whenever and wherever you’re ready for it.

Individual Personal Training Units

Our certified health managers will create a training program, specifically designed to suit your fitness level and personal preferences. No matter if you exercise in the morning or during the day at work. With our diverse training videos, you will get in shape along the way, also improving your flexibility and energy with individual exercises during leisure time. Your daily go4health app reminder will help you to hang in there/stay on the ball!


Movement sets free!

Regular outside activities not only benefit your bloodstream and general well-being, but your mind as well!


Hiking, jogging, biking or cross-country skiing: track your training with the help of GPS, and visualize the distance traveled. Combine the go4health app with your heart rate belt in order to specifically optimize your endurance training.

Safe with go4health

The go4health app (available for iOS and Android), in conjunction with our dedicated blog will help to get you started. It accompanies you with detailed instructions and videos during individual training units to finally make your personal progress visible. Our experts adjust recommendations for you regularly on the way. A well thought-out rights and role management, secure data transfer, plus storage at an international certified provider within the EU is going to protect your sensitive personal information.

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