Movement, power and endurance

You want to increase your fitness level? Great – the go4health app will be your perfect personal digital companion! With us you get individual training videos on your smartphone, anytime at your convenience, whenever and wherever you’re in the mood for it!


Our health managers will create a training program, specifically designed to suit your fitness level and your personal preferences. No matter if you exercise at work, in your home office or train at home. With our diverse training plans and videos you will get in shape incidentally along the way. Improve your mobility and strength with individual training units, also during leisure time. Your daily go4health app reminder will help you to stay motivated so that you remain fit and active!

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Movement empowers you!

Regular outside activities not only benefit your bloodstream, but also increase and improve your fitness and holistic well-being in general! Movement helps to free the mind, and automatically reduces stress and worries at the same time.


Regardless of whether you’re hiking, jogging, biking or simply taking a walk: record your endurance training with our GPS tracker, and visualize the distance traveled plus changes in elevation and speed. Use the go4health app to specifically optimize your endurance.

But also keep an eye on your day-to-day physical activities by meeting your personal target of completed steps as well as monitoring your daily distance traveled in the weekly overview. How many steps can you do each day?


The go4health app for iOS and Android supports you with a step counter, training plans, instructions, training videos and numerous motivating challenges to achieve your personal health- and fitness goals. Our health experts customize recommendations and exercises on a regular basis.

Privacy and transparency are especially important to us. A well thought-out rights and role management, secure data transfer, and secure storage at a certified provider in Germany will protect your sensitive personal information.

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