Vitality, pleasure and well-being

go4health provides you with nutrition recommendations from our certified experts to positively affect your diet without compromising pleasure and taste. Sustainable nutrition, next to sufficient movement and mental balance is a powerful precondition for a general holistic well-being.

inApp Nutrition Blog

In our highly-paced and packed lives there is only limited if any time left to think about adequate nutrition and eating habits. Our InApp-blog offers seasonal recipes as well as insightful tips and information on a healthy nutrition on a regular basis. All recipes include suggestions for food allergies, the nutritional value per serving and the respective bread unit for diabetics. Enhance your knowledge on healthy nutrition with the simple yet inspiring InApp blog.

Nutrition Guide

Are you interested in a specific topic or diet? Our diverse nutrition guides offer you insights on topics ranging from “low carb” to a “healthy breakfast”. Take part in one of the 8-week-programs and get professional information, helpful tips and flavourful recipes on your topic of interest directly in the app every week.

The go4health recipes offer everything you need for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition Tips – Pleasure and Well-Being

We accompany you on your journey to an enhanced wellbeing with our tips and knowledge on a balanced, healthy diet. Instead of provoking stress with strict diet plans, we motivate you to get a better understanding for your body and its needs with helpful tips, insightful information and tasty recipes.

An active lifestyle and a conscious diet are great investments in your own future!

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