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The go4health app provides everything you need for a holistic healthy and happy life: with us you got 3 coaches in your hand! An all-in-one package which consists of physical training, nutrition and mental health. Get to know our go4halth app:


Track your training with the go4health app & keep your performance in view at all times!


Start your individual training units and work out anywhere, anytime!

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Get inspired by nutrition recommendation and recipes from our certified experts.

Mental Power

Let the go4health app be your companion for relaxation and peace of mind on the go!

Everything at a glance

Here you find an overview across all areas of the go4health app:

  • Movement/Endurance: Here you find the total of your stored endurance units at a glance, incl. your total time of activity
  • Movement/Training: shows how many of your daily training units you already completed successfully
  • Nutrition & mental health: here you find useful information and suggestions from our experts regarding the newest health trends
  • Vital parameters: enter your personal vital parameters and track the progress of your health data
  • Menu bar: upload your profile picture and adjust your personal preferences

Browse through our different areas from here!

1.  Movement / Endurance

Use the tracking function of the go4health app to analyze and improve your performance!

Start Training

  • Click „start training“
  • Choose sports (running, Nordic walking, biking, cross-country skiing, etc.)
  • Optional use of connection between the app and your heart rate belt, incl. programmable upper and lower pulse limits. Each time you fall below or exceed the limit you get a warning by request.

Training Completion

You didn’t have your smartphone at hand? No problem! Here you can catch up by manually entering training units.


  • The icon on the left hand side shows which sport you tracked
  • Click on activity and you see your completed route, your total distance, your average pulse (if you made the connection) as well as your average speed
  • Swipe and the go4health app displays your performance/km. This way you see if you could maintain your speed until the end.
  • Swipe again and you’ll get a detailed chart showing your completed vertical movement in meters!

2. Movement / Training

go4health offers training units specifically tailor-made to your goals and requirements for your leisure time and workplace, starting from beginner to full professional

Planned Sessions

  • This list shows your planned training sessions.
  • Via push notifications we’ll remind you so that you do not miss a single one of them!
  • Individual session can be made up later at any time.
  • By clicking on a particular training session, you primarily see which group of muscles will get activated.
  • Click “start training”. Once you hit “start exercise” the timer will launch. A subsequent beep indicates then when time is over, and the next exercise starts.
  • Click the ℹ button in the video to get textual instructions.

New Training

  • Here you see special exercises for selected topics such as fascia training, spine mobilization or power training
  • Based on your vital parameters and information provided in the questionnaire the “recommended” tab displays suggestions from our experts.

3. Nutrition

Everybody can cook… ☺ …but our nutrition assistance offers more!

Nutrition Guide

  • Pick one of our 8-week-long nutrition guides on a topic of your choice.
  • Each week you will receive recommendations helping you to change your eating habits step by step, little by little.

InApp Nutrition Blog

2 times a week the latest nutrition news & recipes are getting updated. The most recent article will appear on the first screen. “more articles” will bring you to the archive.

4. Mental Health

Mental health is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

On the fly exercise

  • Pick a breathing or relaxation exercise from the 4 categories: less stress, better focus, body relief and new energy.
  • Click on it and the audio file will open automatically.
  • The lower tab on the screen switches between male or female voice guide for your exercise. You can also choose a different background music.
  • A short textual description of the exercise appears if you click the ℹ button.

InApp Relaxation Blog

  • The most recent article shows up on the first screen on the blog.
  • For additional day-to-day tips against stress & more click on “more articles”.

5. Vital Parameters

Click the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left corner to update your vital parameters (weight, target weight, resting heart rate, body fat). In case you have not got a body-fat scale or pulse monitor, but you would like to record the vital parameters please visit our FAQ section.

6. Menu

From the dashboard please click the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left corner. A bar will then appear on the left side that allows you to upload your profile picture. Beneath you find the FAQs and your personal settings such as reminder for training exercises, configuration of endurance units, etc.). You can send us directly feedback as well as questions and requests any time!  We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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