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The „go4health – gesund leben” app provides everything you need for a holistic, healthy and happy life: an all-in-one package that consists of physical training, nutrition and mental health. Get to know our go4health app:


Track your endurance workout with the go4health app. Keep your performances in view at all times!


Start your individual training units and work out anywhere, anytime!

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Get inspired by nutrition tips and recipes from our certified nutrition experts.

Mental Strength

With the go4health app you have relaxation and inner peace always at hand anytime!


Movement / Endurance

Use the tracking function of the go4health app to analyze and improve your performances!

  • Start off by setting your own personal target of completed steps and get an overview of everyday activities
  • Start an endurance workout! Choose a sport such as e.g., running, Nordic walking, biking, Yoga, and many more.
  • During the course of the training you can monitor the finished route, covered distance, changes in altitude, and speed.
  • Started your workout without your mobile phone? No problem! Just enter your training data later.
  • The endurance blog features movement- and training tips from our certified sports scientists periodically on a weekly basis.

Movement / Training

go4health offers training units, specifically tailor-made to your goals and requirements for leisure time as well as the work place or even home offices – for beginners and aspiring athletes!

  • The overview lists your planned training sessions. Via the questionnaire you can adjust your workout individually.
  • Clicking on a training session displays the specific group of muscles to be activated.
  • Start your training and follow the instructions in the exercise videos.
  • For a detailed description of the exercise please tap on the ℹ-Button directly in the video
  • You feel ready for a special workout? Under + extra training units you will find a wide range of training plans for more power, mobility, balance, fitness as well as relaxation.


Mental Health

Mental health is an essential and important part of a healthy lifestyle.

  • The section “exercise on the fly” allows you to choose from the following 4 categories: less stress, better focus, body relief and new energy.
  • You decide if a male or female voice guides you through the training, as well as having the option for background music set to on or off.
  • A short textual description of the exercise appears when you tap the ℹ button.
  • Our relaxation blog offers new tips once a week to help ease stress and pain.



Everyone can cook… Our nutrition area offers more!

  • Pick one of our 8-week-long nutrition guides addressing focus topics such as “Eating against stress” or “A diet for your feel-good weight.
  • You will get recommendations on a weekly basis, helping you to change your eating habits sustainably, step by step, little by little. With additional tips for shopping, cafeteria and at home, as well as lots of creative recipes.
  • Furthermore the nutrition blog provides new tips and seasonal recipes once a week.


Vital Parameters

  • In the upper left corner tap on the menu icon (the 3 horizontal lines)
  • Under “Profile | Vital Parameters” you can change your profile picture, update your vital signs (weight, target weight, resting heart rate and body fat).
  • The FAQ section answers the most frequently asked questions in regards to the app.
  • The app itself can individually be customized under “settings”.
  • You want to leave feedback? Our support team likes to hear from you and will be happy to assist.

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